Legalish – Is Everyone a Lawyer Now?


There are a lot of lawyers and a lot of people doing legalish things – even non-lawyers. Are we all lawyers now? Will everyone get along in the legalish sandbox? We already have non-lawyers owning law firms in foreign jurisdictions, so why can’t everyone get their robes and powdered wigs? What could go wrong?

“Are we right in thinking that the rapidly growing legal tech sector belongs in law firms and in-house legal departments staffed by lawyers? Or are we missing the point? We seem to be defining our customers by who they are, rather than by what they do. This was my conclusion after attending a recent legal tech get together where one of the themes seemed to be how hard it is to get a conservative legal community to adopt new technology….This experience got me thinking: ‘Aren’t we all in the legal field to some extent?’ Even if we don’t work as lawyers, we all deal with legal documents and processes.”

Read: We Are All Lawyers Now – The Rise of the Legalish at Artificial Lawyer

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