Five Good Reasons To Fire Your Recruiter

Fire Your Recruiter

If you are trying to get an in-house counsel job, you are likely working all angles, from job boards to legal recruiters. But what happens if you are working with a legal recruiter who is not treating you well or working effectively on your behalf? There may be times when you need to fire your recruiter and find a legal recruiter who will advocate for your best interests.

“One of the biggest complaints job seekers have about third-party recruiters, sometimes called search consultants or headhunters, is that the job seeker can never really be sure what their relationship with the recruiter is. My inbox is full of messages every day from job seekers who say, “It took me ages to figure out that just because a recruiter might have a job opportunity that fits my background, it doesn’t mean they are in a position of authority over me. It’s still my career. The recruiter doesn’t get to boss me around or treat me badly — but it took me a long time to realize that.”…As an HR leader I dealt with scores of recruiters and recruiting firms….The people who were knowledgeable, professional and compassionate got our business. The recruiters who let us down or treated their candidates badly got the boot.”

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