How To Make Yourself Desirable To Recruiters

If you are searching for in-house counsel jobs or coveted General Counsel jobs, you need to make sure you are as desirable as possible to legal recruiters. Here are some tips to guide you.

“A recruiter’s primary job is to screen out a large group of candidates and narrow down the choices to just a few. Hiring managers are too busy doing their full-time jobs to review the resume of every applicant. They rely on recruiters to do the initial screening in order to save them time. (more…)

The Demand for Brand Lawyers in Life Sciences

Brand lawyers are in demand in the life sciences industry, does your skillset fit the bill? Princeton Legal Search Group gives its thoughts on what life sciences companies are looking for: “The term brand lawyer…

What To Leave Off Your Resume

Leave off your resume things that recruiters dislike and your job prospects will improve. Recruiters are a diverse bunch and resumes vary by industry, but you may be better off omitting some items from your…

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