How to Apologize For Messing Up At Work

Messing up at work need not be the end of the world, even in a high-pressure law department. Quick and accurate communication can do wonders for trust-building and mitigating fallout, and focus is key to preventing future distracted lawyering.

“One of the worst feelings at work is when you realize you totally messed up. You stare in disbelief at first hoping that you didn’t really make as big of a mistake as you think you did. Then, with a pit in your stomach, you calculate all the ways you can hide and hope that nobody notices what happened. In fact, you can overcome a lot of mistakes at work, but you have to deal with them in the right way. And that will start with a difficult conversation. Though it may not seem like it, your aim is actually to increase the amount of trust you get from your boss.”

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