Transitioning from a Law Firm to In-House Counsel

Making the move from a law firm to in-house counsel can be daunting, but fortunately there is no shortage of tips to assist you. Keep an open mind and remember that the grass is not always greener – you will still have to deal with difficult people no matter where you go.

“Considering a move from a law firm to an in-house counsel role? Making a move is more complicated than it seems. To shed some light on this, we asked two practitioners who made the transition about their experiences. Here they share their most important advice…there are myriad differences between working in an in-house counsel role, as opposed to working at a law firm. (more…)

When Your Boss Leaves the Company

When your boss leaves do you throw a party or cry under your desk? It all depends on the boss, but either way, be prepared. This is one of the hottest labor markets lawyers have…

5 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Career

Rethink you career? This is something some in-house counsel do daily and others never get around to. Everything should be done in moderation (including moderation) as has been said, and there are times when you…