Your Next Big Job – Who To Talk To

Your next big job may not come from an in-house counsel board as many positions never go public and are filled via word of mouth. When you are are looking, don’t forget to talk to those closest to home – your next gig may be closer than you think. Don’t forget to continuously evaluate whether you are in the right spot for your career goals, and keep close contact with a legal recruiter you know and trust.

“If you’re looking for a new job…“Which influential person would I invite for a networking conversation if I could?” But the truth is that you already likely have people in your network who would be helpful to consult. (more…)

How to Negotiate With a Narcissist

Negotiating with narcissists — people who only care about their self-interests — is a skill all lawyers need to master. Surprising as it may seem, there is an extremely rare chance that a lawyer will…

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