Biglaw Associates Billing $1,000 Per Hour

Biglaw associates are being billed out at over $1,000 an hour at some law firms. If you thought that $1,000 per hour lawyers were just in the partnership ranks, you should promptly disabuse yourself of such foolish notions. What’s more, is that even more junior law firm associates are billing at well over $500 per hour. Will Covid-induced company cost-cutting lead to law departments negotiating more favorable rates from their outside counsel? Or will law departments look to save by hiring experienced in-house counsel for what would otherwise cost them weeks of Biglaw attorney time? Especially in a time when many companies are cutting staff in waves, there are plenty of attorneys with in-house counsel experience who already know how to work inside a business. (more…)

Some Law Firms Will Die Without Quick Cuts

Some law firms will die if they do not put some cost-cutting measures into effect immediately, according to a law firm consultant. Many large law firms have already announced compensation cuts, furloughs and other cost-cutting…

How To Criticize Remotely And Constructively

For many, these unprecedented times require learning how to criticize remotely – and constructively. Criticism and feedback are key to the proper functioning of the legal department and instrumental tools for in-house counsel career growth….

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