Ten Things: Essential Issues for In-House Counsel

Sterling Miller, author, former GC and long-time in-house lawyer, former Biglaw lawyer, what else can be said. Oh yes, his Ten Things blog – a great resource for in-house counsel. We hope to see more of his blog postings this year, and don’t forget – be indispensable!

“Hello everyone…I like to begin the year thinking about what issues will be most important for in-house lawyers over the upcoming 12 months.  As you can imagine, there is plenty out there that we all need to be concerned about.  Still, I read a lot over the holidays and jotted down plenty of notes about the most interesting developments.   (more…)

Grow Your Career in the New Year

Make it a resolution to grow your career in the New Year. In-house counsel have much to be thankful for as they are experiencing one of the hottest legal job markets in history. But while…

Job Seekers, You Will Be Lied To And Misled

Lied to and misled? Not by all but certainly by some. Wait, we thought such dastardly activity was reserved for our favorite politicians or fictional plots on binge-worthy Netflix shows. Well, if there is one…

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