Starting Off Strong In-House – Tips To Consider

Starting off strong at an in-house job is in many ways different than it would be at a Biglaw firm or in a government sector job. Working on your relationships, listening skills and setting up an environment in which you can succeed are key. Your first few months will be critical in getting yourself into a position to make valuable contributions to your organization, and to how you are perceived as a member of a team. In many cases, the in-house world can initially seem to be a trial by fire with the business function right next door or directly in your office with pressing legal needs. If you are used to writing 40 page memos that conclude with an “unequivocal maybe” to an important legal question or business initiative, you will need to shift gears and become a more agile lawyer with a focus on what your client (i.e., the business) wants and not abstract theoretical commentary. So you’ve made it – but buckle up – if you do it right you’re in for an exciting ride.

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