Will AI Put Lawyers Out Of Business?

Will AI put lawyers out of business? The legal AI barbarians are already storming the gates, but how and what will legal AI impact? What will a legal role look like in the future?

“What is the law but a series of algorithms? Codified instructions proscribing dos and don’ts—ifs and thens. Sounds a lot like computer programming, right? The legal system, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as coding…So, can artificial intelligence help? Very much so. Law firms are already using AI to more efficiently perform due diligence, conduct research (more…)

Job Seekers, You Will Be Lied To And Misled

Lied to and misled? Not by all but certainly by some. Wait, we thought such dastardly activity was reserved for our favorite politicians or fictional plots on binge-worthy Netflix shows. Well, if there is one…

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