Staying Where You Are Is a Decision

Staying where you are is a decision, as Kate Reder Sheikh of MLAGlobal points out in a recent article. In a hot legal market, not even considering new opportunities can be a decision you may regret in the future:

“An associate reached out to me recently about a job I called her about in October 2017. She is now ready to apply. One small catch: that job has been off the market for 7 months. (To put this in perspective, I’ve had a baby and watched him learn to roll over and sit up in that time.) It was a niche role at the top firm for this work and it was filled in the snap of a finger. She would have been a very strong contender, but the door is closed. In this case, the firm very rarely takes on laterals in San Francisco, and she’s likely to be much too senior for them the next time they do. She regrets not acting sooner. (more…)

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