Remote Workers Must Optimize Productivity

Remote workers must optimize productivity to empower themselves and to make effective contributions to their organizations. To those not used to working remotely, the transition may be difficult. However, we are not treading new ground here, and there are many lessons that have already been learned from remote workers who have been efficient and productive for decades. Remote workers will also need to hone their skills for remote job interviews!

“Remote work, with its increasing popularity, has surged in the last few years, and in the coming weeks will continue to do so. As professionals around the world adjust to an ever-changing world of work, there comes a renewed focus on optimizing remote work strategies. (more…)

Remote Collaboration Tools in a Time of COVID-19

Remote collaboration tools will be key to businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, Dennis Kennedy has graciously shared some resources that can be of use to the legal community. Don’t forget to manage…

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