Powerful Habits Of Positive Lawyers

Positive lawyers find their way through a constant journey of self-improvement. Working in the most stressful profession can grind down even the most battle-hardened among us. Fortunately, there are others who help pave the way through their own example or by sharing information to help others. A rising tide certainly lifts all ships, and Caterina Cavallaro’s recent piece at the ACC Docket includes not only her own thoughts on self-improvement but those of a number of other in-house counsel she interviewed. Learn health habits from positive lawyers and spread what works with your colleagues. It may sound difficult, but you can remain positive even if you hate your job and are actively looking for greener pastures. Even job seekers need their own positive habits if they want to stay happy!

“We all want to start the new year with a huge forward momentum – personally (exercising, eating healthier, meditating) and professionally (building team morale, exploring new technologies, and strengthening stakeholder relationships). But what if you are stuck and don’t know where to start? The best way to solve that is to be inspired by what others are doing!   To learn about some of the positive practices in-house counsel are planning to use in 2023, I spoke with……[7 top in-house lawyers]….”