How to Get an In-House Counsel Job

If you are like many lawyers, at one or more times in your life you will ask yourself a simple question: “How do I get an in-house counsel job?”. This may happen after a soul-crushing week pulling all-nighters at a Biglaw firm, or even while ensconced in an office tower working at a different in-house counsel job. Sure, you can jump immediately to our in-house counsel job board, or if you are more senior, check out our General Counsel Jobs page. However, there is no dearth of written guidance on the topic. Here are some posts to review that will help you through the process: (more…)

From Law Firm Associate to General Counsel

Many a law firm associate desires to not only move in-house but eventually be in contention for general counsel jobs. Getting there takes short-term and long-term strategy and career moves, and even then, landing a…