Why Don’t Lawyers Play Nice with Others?

Why don’t lawyers play nice with others? The question is one that harks back to the days of the primordial soup, when sharp-elbowed lawyers climbed on top of, over and through anything else trying to make it to land. Fortunately, informal surveys can help answer this critical question that those exposed to lawyers often ponder while shaking their heads. Hey, if you are stuck at an event with a bunch of lawyers you can always pretend to be someone else.

“Maybe lawyers didn’t go on play dates when they were little. (Maybe they didn’t want to.) And, once they get through law school, any shred of esprit de corps has been beaten out of them. This may help explain the results of our recent Question of the Month on the inability of lawyers to work well with business professionals at their firm. Our readers were asked what was the “biggest obstacle to lawyers’ (more…)

Law Students Among Least Hardworking Students

Law students have apparently been found (again!) to be among the least hardworking of students in a study from the UK. Obviously, there must be some statistical flaws in the research or geographic issues involved…

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