ABA Techshow: 60 Tips To Improve Your Life and Practice

The ABA Techshow keeps lawyers (both in-house counsel and law firm attorneys) up to date on the latest tips, tricks and technologies that can make their lives and practices easier:

“A free artificial intelligence legal research tool, accepting cryptocurrency at your firm and a website that will corrupt a file for you were just a fraction of the 60 tips and technologies shared in the last 60 minutes of ABA Techshow in Chicago. Hosted by Techshow co-chairs Debbie Foster and (more…)

How Lawyers Can Learn From Failure

Lawyers spend a lot of time learning and “practicing”, so it should come as no surprise that, like everyone else, lawyers can learn from failure: “Before SpaceX’s successful launch of its giant Falcon Heavy rocket…

Fifteenth Blawgiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog

If you are an in-house counsel, you should be reading DennisKennedy.Blog. A guru, thought leader, attorney and blawger, Dennis is not only insightful and witty, but he is often the first to write or speak…