Lessons for Lawyers from a Low Cost Indian Hospital

Lessons for lawyers from a low cost Indian hospital. Perhaps a great article for in-housers to forward to their Biglaw counterparts. If Biglaw does not shape up, will they be forced to ship out as in-house law departments more nimbly adopt time and cost-saving productivity measures?

“You may be surprised that a low cost hospital chain in India offers multiple lessons for lawyers. The World’s Cheapest Hospital Has to Get Even Cheaper (Business Week, 26 March 2019) explains how an already-low-cost operation can go even lower. That message may not be music to law firm partners’ ears, but it should sound melodious to clients. (more…)

Lawyer Stress – 3 Strategies For Attorneys On Edge

Lawyer stress is felt by attorneys of all stripes including in-house counsel, law firm lawyers or those working in government. The statistics on lawyers well-being are not heartwarming, with depression prevalent and calls to mental…

The Demand for Brand Lawyers in Life Sciences

Brand lawyers are in demand in the life sciences industry, does your skillset fit the bill? Princeton Legal Search Group gives its thoughts on what life sciences companies are looking for: “The term brand lawyer…

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