Boss Breadcrumbing You? How To Handle It

Boss breadcrumbing is more common than you think, but in a hot labor market you need to take action to protect yourself and further your career. If you’re not getting what you need where you are, sometimes you just need to get a better job.

“While “breadcrumbing”—being strung along by small reinforcements without true commitment—has been around in the dating world for a while, the idea can apply in professional contexts as well. An August 2019 BBC report says bosses may be guilty of leading employees on, rather than genuinely committing to their development. (more…)

How to Negotiate With a Narcissist

Negotiating with narcissists — people who only care about their self-interests — is a skill all lawyers need to master. Surprising as it may seem, there is an extremely rare chance that a lawyer will…

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