What to Do When Recruiters and Potential Employers Ghost You

In one of the hottest legal markets in decades, it is still frustrating when recruiters and employers ghost you. Whether you are applying for in-house counsel jobs or General Counsel jobs, being ghosted can lead to serious consternation. Some tips follow on what to do when employers ghost you, but remember not to engage in this bad behavior yourself, busy lawyer! And consider factors to make yourself more attractive to recruiters.

“The digital age has introduced new, and often painful, ways of ending relationships. None of them are more hurtful than “ghosting.” For those of you who are fortunate to not have been ghosted before, being ghosted simply means that someone has stopped responding to all communication. And sadly, this disappearing act isn’t only happening to those dating. (more…)

How To Pull Off The Dreaded Phone Interview

The dreaded phone interview is often the beginning of the hiring process for many companies. It may mark your first human interaction with the company you want to work for, so preparation is necessary. While…

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