In-House Compensation for Lawyers – Covid-19 Edition

In-house compensation for lawyers – has the pandemic had an effect? Covid-19 certainly has had a significant effect on the labor market, due mainly to safety-aligned “shelter in place” and lockdown orders. But as we begin to hear of possible viable vaccine candidates, what can we expect and what is happening now? Certainly legal employers have once again started to increase their attorney hiring as the country slowly emerges from shutdown mode. Whether in-house compensation for lawyers will increase is, like many other questions, yet to be seen.

“In a pre-Covid galaxy far, far away, compensation in the legal profession was a rocket heading straight for the sky. From associates in Big Law (1st year associates earning a base salary of $190,000!) to Chief Legal Officers (earning up to multiple millions a year) and everywhere in between, the money was a far cry from the legal profession of yesteryear. Several factors contributed to the rise in lawyer compensation including a strong economy, the emergence of new and life-changing technologies, a robust hiring market…and a more limited candidate pool. (more…)

In-House Counsel Compensation Report by BarkerGilmore

Searching for some fresh in-house compensation data? Look no further than BarkerGilmore’s 2020 In-House Counsel Compensation Report which contains a veritable smorgasbord of stats, insights and guidance. While acknowledging that the pandemic will certainly have…

Ready For A Career Pivot?

A career pivot could be just what you need – or must do – in times such as these. For some, a career pivot will be a luxury and for others it will be a…

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