Study: Law Firm Partners are Coasting to Retirement

Law firm partners are coasting to retirement and underperforming according to a recent study. While there are many benefits of being an in-house lawyer, coasting to retirement and not performing do not typically make the list. Sorry, in-housers, you can’t “phone it in” in your dotage.

“A new US survey reveals what we knew already but didn’t dare say: there are a lot of partners out there doing not a whole lot of lawyering. The Altman Weil 2018 report, its tenth survey of the US law firm market, found that 40% of US law firms blame “chronic lawyer under-performance” on partners (more…)

Lawyer Population 15% Higher Than 10 Years Ago

Unlike healthcare or higher education costs, the lawyer population increases at a more measured, healthy pace. For those who thought there were millions of swarming attorneys, these numbers should put your fears to rest. Will…