Is Your Boss a Pie Ducker?

Pie ducker is not a phrase heard often, probably because the phrase loses out to a similar-sounding expletive. A pie ducker may also be a toxic boss and, if so, hold your head high and know when to hit the road.

“We’ve all had the experience of working together with our boss or a co-worker developing an idea we have into something our firm can actually act on. Oftentimes, that can mean that you need your boss’s help to push your plan up the ladder–sometimes even up to the CEO or even the board of directors. Then, when the day comes where you actually get to present your plan to the leaders of the company, your expectation is that your boss or co-worker will have your back…. (more…)

Your Resume Must Impress In Less Than 10 Seconds

Your resume must impress quickly or be cast into the dustbin of history. Talk about performance anxiety! Fortunately, there are many resources on in-house counsel resumes that can assist you. “You know you only get…