Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management for Attorneys

Legal project management is booming as a field, and so are the tools that come with it. Keeping abreast of the latest and greatest trends will not only make you a better lawyer, it will…

Protecting IP Assets

Protecting IP Assets In A Remote Work World

By Roshni Ghosh Fox Rothschild LLP Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only a few companies offered remote work options. However, the workplace scenario changed drastically in the wake of the global pandemic that gripped the world…

The Future of The Legal Industry

The Future of the Legal Industry

The future of the legal industry, as debated by luminaries Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen. Check in to see what they have to say in the transcript of their 75 minute video discussion. Whether you…

Remote Collaboration Tools

Remote Collaboration Tools in a Time of COVID-19

Remote collaboration tools will be key to businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, Dennis Kennedy has graciously shared some resources that can be of use to the legal community. Don’t forget to manage…

Legal Department Value

Legal Department Value – How To Show It

Legal department value is not something easily quantifiable or explainable, but it is critical to demonstrating how important in-house counsel are to their organizations. Need help? Sterling Miller comes to the rescue once again, and…

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