Things To Watch In 2024, For In-House Counsel

things to watch

If you’re looking for the best new streaming shows to watch in 2024, you’ve come to the wrong place. Ok, ok, wow the hate mail we have been getting has been overwhelming and we must relent. If you haven’t seen Slow Horses with Gary Oldman and you aren’t pining for True Detective to return to its former glory, are you really serious about watching shows? And now for something completely different. You guessed it, back to our original programming.

As an in-house counsel, 2024 will bring many things to keep your mind occupied. And no, we’re not talking about politics. In fact, if you are to survive 2024 you may be best guided by focusing on the legal issues you will face this year and watching our recommended shows in your downtime. But what do we know, we are only a semi-sentient blog, so you must bear with us as you kindly have since 2005.

Have other resources that you have found valuable? Let us know and we will evaluate them. Bonus points if you also include a recommendation of a favorite streaming show!