Lawyers Suck at Listening

People often say that lawyers suck at listening – but you probably didn’t hear them because you were too busy talking.  Haha. This may be a piece that you want to randomly send to printers around the law department – and email to some of your outside counsel.

“Oh, don’t act so shocked. You know it’s true. Even if you’re an exceptionally sensitive lawyer, you’re still stuck dealing with other lawyers. And you’re not exactly a fan of being cut off, condescended to and treated as though your time isn’t as important as theirs. So how would you feel about paying someone hundreds of dollars an hour to treat you the same way? All while trusting that person to solve one of the biggest problems you’ve ever had. No wonder attorneys are among the least trusted professionals. Want clients to view you as an exception to this stereotype? Then it’s time to put on your listening hat.”

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