Attorney Writes A Handbook For In-House Lawyers

Handbook For In-House Lawyers

A handbook for in-house lawyers? For many this could be just what they need to up their in-house game. While written by David Sclar from his perspective as an in-house lawyer focusing on technology issues, the book may be just as useful for a broader in-house audience as many of the tips and suggestions apply at all levels of in-house counsel life. The book is affordable, timely, and a resource all in-house counsel should consider adding to their library and sharing with their peers. For those already a fan of A Good Lawyer, which focuses on how to build a better lawyer, this may be the next book to add to your arsenal.

“David Sclar has just self-published the book he wishes he could have turned to for practical advice once his career course was set as in-house counsel guiding digital health and wellness companies on matters ranging from security and privacy to product development. That book is “Workplace Strategies for Technology Lawyers.” Its subtitle, while a mouthful, reflects the down-to-earth insights Sclar seeks to convey: “36 Practical Tips on How to Communicate More Effectively, Work More Efficiently, and Give Better Advice as In-House Counsel at a Tech Company.” “I wrote the book that I would have really wanted,” Sclar says. He describes the landscape of books about working as an in-house lawyer as focusing on the “legal blocking and tackling” of the job — how to set up articles of incorporation or write offer letters for employees. “That’s not the book I wanted to write,” Sclar says. “What I felt I needed to do was [help lawyers] understand how to do the job day to day.” For example, the first issue the book addresses is how to give good, practical advice that provides decision-makers with solutions rather than issue-spotting.”

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