What To Lose To Make Career Gains

Make Career Gains

Make career gains by losing things that are impeding your progress or draining your energy. Sometimes you need to lose to win, and there is no better time to start than after a year long hermetic existence. There is no better time to make up for lost time than now, and while many will take a few months to get their bearings, you can be steaming ahead as the economy begins its return to its red hot pre-pandemic levels. Legal hiring is already ahead of the curve, so don’t be left behind and miss out on prime in-house counsel jobs all the way up to the General Counsel level and remote legal jobs now permitting talented lawyers across the country to work for the latest and greatest companies from the comfort of their homes.

“It’s the time of year when those observing Daylight Savings Time move their clocks ahead, in essence losing an hour. Though some might lament the loss of sleep, others see this as a fair trade for acquiring more daylight. Similarly, in a professional sense, letting go of items preventing your progress in exchange for career gains is an excellent tradeoff. Here are eight things to lose to move ahead in your career….”

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