Manage Your Boss With Three Rules

Manage Your Boss

Manage your boss and your career will feel effortless. Ok, it may be harder said than done, but think of novel ways to increase the effectiveness of your interactions with your boss. Whether you are a General Counsel or a staff attorney, everyone has a boss (and in some cases, many more than one), so these rules apply equally to everyone in the law department. As hordes of lawyers are soon to return to the office, their bosses will once again be up close and personal, and it is time to hone your skills and prepare in advance. These rules are especially important for those who have bosses who themselves are bad managers, or who are looking to get a great start with their new General Counsel.

“What do you think of when you hear the phrase “The Rule of Three”?  Almost every field or discipline has its own “Rule of Three”…Someone who knows a lot about survival is my friend “Spider”… Major General James A. Marks (Ret.), Spider is an Army Ranger whose military career spanned 30 years…In a recent conversation Spider shared a different Rule of Three, one he created to ensure productive meetings with, as he described them, his “routinely distracted multi-tasking bosses.”  You may recognize those kinds of bosses, but keep in mind that Spider’s bosses included Presidents, Cabinet Members, and Joint Chiefs of Staff! Here is Spider’s Rule of Three:…”

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