Chief Compliance Officer Jobs

Looking for Chief Compliance Officer Jobs? Here are some recent chief compliance officer jobs from our job board, Many experienced attorneys focus their job search on General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer jobs (of which we have many). But companies treat their compliance functions in different ways. In some companies, compliance leads the way and legal is a supporting function. In other companies, compliance is part of the legal department. And in some cases, there are two separate departments each having a perpetual tug of war over legal and compliance-related issues. But for lawyers looking for high-level legal jobs, this presents an opportunity. Many CCO jobs are JD-required or JD-preferred and are as in demand as General Counsel Jobs and Chief Legal Officer positions. And they can be just as challenging, interesting and well-compensated as General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer jobs. Too senior? You might want to look at Deputy General Counsel and similar jobs.

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So by popular demand, we have created a separate page to track our Chief Compliance Officer jobs. Don’t forget to check back here daily as new jobs are added frequently. And when evaluating positions, make sure to examine a target company’s deployment of the compliance and legal functions. Knowing where each stands can tell you a lot about how the organization operates and manages risk.