General Counsel Jobs

Looking for General Counsel jobs or Chief Legal Officer Jobs? Here are 40 of our most recent GC jobs from our job board, And don’t forget to track our Chief Compliance Officer positions, which we categorize on a separate page. Many CCO positions are JD-required or JD-preferred and are as in demand as GC Jobs and Chief Legal Officer positions. To senior for you? The road to the General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer positions often runs through Deputy General Counsel and similar jobs, so check out our page that tracks those. Want to chat with GCs and other in-house counsel? Join the InhouseBlog® Linked Group!

Don’t forget to check back here daily as new jobs are added frequently. Some articles relating to GC jobs are also included below the links to the job postings. You can also check for legal jobs by location and practice area and bookmark the pages of interest so that you can check them readily to find General Counsel jobs that match your interests.

Want More? These are just the latest handful of jobs – our job board has many, many more!

GC Compensation. While searching for GC jobs, get a sense of general counsel salary figures in different geographic areas. General Counsel compensation can vary significantly by region, industry and company size.

Land the GC Job. GC jobs are not only hard to find, they are hard to get. Get some tips on how to get in-house counsel jobs generally, which also apply to general counsel jobs.

Listen to GCs. If you want to be a General Counsel, listen to career advice from successful General Counsel.

Is Your GC Resume Ready? Prep your General Counsel resume to make sure you give yourself the best chance at getting GC jobs.

Remember that Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. You have to lay the groundwork to become a General Counsel

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