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Looking for General Counsel jobs? Here are some recent general counsel jobs from our job board, Don’t forget to check back here periodically as new jobs are added as they are posted. Some articles relating to general counsel jobs are also included below the links to the job postings. Like this? Click here to get a free weekly newsletter featuring in-house counsel news and jobs, including new general counsel jobs.

More General Counsel Jobs. See more general counsel jobs at

GC Compensation. While searching for general counsel jobs, get a sense of general counsel salary figures in different geographic areas.

Land the GC Job. General Counsel jobs are not only hard to find, they are hard to get. Get some tips on how to get in-house counsel jobs generally, which also apply to general counsel jobs.

Listen to General Counsel. If you want to be a General Counsel, listen to career advice from successful General Counsel.

Is Your General Counsel Resume Ready? Prep your General Counsel resume to make sure you give yourself the best chance at getting GC jobs.

Remember that Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. You have to lay the groundwork to become a General Counsel.

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