Inhouse Counsel Guides

Inhouse Counsel Guides – Career & Legal Issues

Inhouse counsel guides can help corporate counsel get up to speed on a topic quickly. This list of inhouse counsel guides also includes checklists, articles and other resources that have been submitted in the past. If you have written an inhouse counsel guide, or know of one that should be added to this list, please let us know at Due to the volume of emails received, only submitters of inhouse counsel guides that are under consideration for inclusion may receive a response. As with all information, please take care to verify information contained in these resources independently as laws change and information applicable to one set of circumstances will not apply to another.

Our current list of inhouse counsel guides is broken down into the following categories: Inhouse Counsel Careers and Business, Transactional and Litigation.

1. Inhouse Counsel Careers

1.1 Inhouse Counsel Salaries and Inhouse Counsel Jobs

1.2 Inhouse Counsel Resumes

1.3 Inhouse Counsel Interviews

1.4 Being an Inhouse Counsel and General Counsel

1.5 Selecting and Dealing with Outside Counsel

2. Business, Transactional and Litigation Inhouse Counsel Guides

2.1 Arbitration

2.2 Attorney-Client Privilege

2.3 Bankruptcy

2.4 Compliance

2.5 Contracts

2.6 Corporate Law

2.7 Data Privacy and Security

2.8 eDiscovery

2.9 Ethics

2.10 FDA

2.11 Insurance

2.12 Intellectual Property

2.13 Litigation

2.14 Mergers and Acquisitions

2.15 Venture Capital

2.16 Miscellaneous

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