How to Get an In-House Counsel Job

If you are like many lawyers, at one or more times in your life you will ask yourself a simple question: “How do I get an in-house counsel job?”. This may happen after a soul-crushing week pulling all-nighters at a Biglaw firm, or even while ensconced in an office tower working at a different in-house counsel job. Sure, you can jump immediately to our in-house counsel job board,  However, there is no dearth of written guidance on the topic. Here are some posts to review that will help you through the process:

  • Research! Nothing is more obvious to a company or a recruiter than a candidate who is mass blasting their resume to every open legal position in the hope that a company – any company – will open the doors to the promised land. Suffice it to say that this approach is not one that is likely to get you an interview – or an in-house counsel job.  Do your homework, research your target industries and companies and prepare yourself!
  • Ready your Resume.  There are quite a number of tips and tricks when it comes to preparing a resume for an in-house counsel job – so get to it! Just as important – keep your resume updated and have two other people read it carefully before you submit it.
  • The Interview.  It’s been some time since you’ve had the clammy hands and rumbling stomach that accompany a job interview.  Be ready to ace the in-house interview!  Didn’t get an interview and wondering why? Read on, my friend.
  • Salary Expectations.  In-house counsel salaries range based on level of seniority, area of practice and the geographic market involved. Fortunately, Robert Half publishes a handy guide that can assist you in ballparking your comp.
  • Consider a Recruiter. Be on the lookout for recruiters in your area who specialize in legal placements.  Recruiters often find out about in-house jobs before they are ever offered to the public.  Developing a relationship with a recruiter can also help you down the road, as recruiters will keep you in mind for other positions that may match your skillset.  You can check out some recruiters by looking at GoInhouse’s In-House Counsel Recruiter Twitter List.
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