A Lawyer’s Resolution To Stay Out Of Trouble

A Lawyer's Resolution

A lawyer’s resolution for the New Year! Staying out of trouble is a noble resolution, although trouble comes in various forms and oftentimes cannot be avoided. This is often the case when dealing with a team of opposing counsel who act like ogres and goblins. Read on for an attorney of 40 years’ thoughts on staying out of trouble. Surely you have developed your own ways, but anecdotes and tips from other lawyers often can help put existing problems into perspective and lead you to finding an optimal solution that not only protects your mental health but furthers your clients’ interests. As we hopefully see a New Normal sometime in the future, streamlining your day to day interactions and handling of problems and issues will keep you focused on what you hold most dear – your family, your relationships and your sanity.

“As lawyers, do we ever experience trouble or suffer problems? Unlikely. But as rarely as these situations may arise, is there something we can do about them? How about making a New Year’s resolution to prevent trouble or unnecessary problems. Albert Einstein said, “Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.” Which gets me to the beginning, namely my days as an articling student before getting called to the bar of Ontario….We know what Einstein said, but I also respect another renowned philosopher: Yogi Berra. He noted, “The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.” Still, I hope some of my thoughts about avoiding unnecessary hassles and agitations have been helpful. Does achievement of this goal make a sensible year-end resolution? No problem.”

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