Why didn’t I get a job interview? I’m the perfect fit…

Another great read from Bob Major of Major, Lindsey & Africa – if you’ve ever asked yourself “Why didn’t I get a job interview”?, this piece has some answers:

“As a recruiter, I have advised countless lawyers (and would-be attorneys) on their career. There are many satisfying elements to my job, particularly when I match the perfect candidate with the perfect job. However, as I tell my recruiters, perfection is found in neither; only God and beer are perfect. The most unappetizing part of my job is breaking bad news to a candidate who clearly wants a job that I’m charged with filling, and, even more distressing, feels that they are an exact match for the position. How do candidates come to this high expectation?”

Read: Why didn’t I get a job interview? I’m the perfect fit….

This is part of our How to Get an In-House Counsel Job series, which contains other articles that may interest you.

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