Remote Job Interview

Remote Job Interview? How To Ace It

Remote job interview on the horizon? Expect more and more due to the global pandemic and perhaps also in the future as part of whatever becomes the “New Normal”. Interviews generally are nerve-wracking, especially for…

Lied to and Misled

Job Seekers, You Will Be Lied To And Misled

Lied to and misled? Not by all but certainly by some. Wait, we thought such dastardly activity was reserved for our favorite politicians or fictional plots on binge-worthy Netflix shows. Well, if there is one…

Phone Interview Mistakes

Phone Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Phone interview mistakes are common, and can knock you out of the running for a position at the outset. Read on for phone interview mistakes to avoid, and the importance of being prepared for what…

No Picture

Up Your Leadership Game for In-House Interviews

by Elena Deutsch, Founder, WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law Recently, a personal contact shared an in-house listing.  I forwarded it to a client who promptly got an interview. After the interview my…

10 Tricky Interview Questions

10 Tricky Interview Questions – Crib Sheet

10 tricky interview questions you want to avoid, but may have to address. As the scouts say, always be prepared. Don’t forget to do your research and prepare for your interview! “We’ve all been there—pleased…

Job Offer

Turn Your Job Interview Into A Job Offer

How do you get a job offer in this booming in-house counsel jobs market? A variety of factors determines who comes out on top, and you need to prepare for your interview. “There are a…

Prepare for In-House Legal Interviews

How to Prepare For In-House Legal Interviews

You must prepare for in-house legal interviews, but how? Don’t you just prepare like you did back in law school when landing your Biglaw job? Nope. Times have changed, and even robots are getting involved….

How Not to Answer Salary Questions During Interviews

Getting peppered with salary-related questions at an interview? Don’t answer them, or at least that is the viewpoint of Molood Noori of “You should not answer this question. I’ll give you a scenario that…

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