Job Seekers, You Will Be Lied To And Misled

Lied to and Misled

Lied to and misled? Not by all but certainly by some. Wait, we thought such dastardly activity was reserved for our favorite politicians or fictional plots on binge-worthy Netflix shows. Well, if there is one thing lawyers should know how to do well, it is to ask probing questions. Keep this in mind during the interview process.

“When you interview with a company, you’d like to believe that everyone you meet with acts honestly and in good faith. Unfortunately, this in not the case—as you will encounter blatant lies, omission of crucial facts and, at times, be misled.  I’m not suggesting that there’s a nefarious plot to trick you into taking a job. It’s due, in large part, to the antiquated hiring process…The sense of applicant abundance makes each individual not that valuable—and they are treated in that fashion… The one major thing for you to do to protect yourself is to listen carefully and skeptically. Don’t be intimidated into not asking a lot of direct questions…The more questions you ask, the closer you will get to the truth.”

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