21 Questions to Ask During an Interview for a Legal Job

You’ve probably heard the advice before – do not go into an interview for a legal job without some questions to ask of your own. Of course, figuring out what questions to ask, when to ask them and how many to ask is the overall conundrum.  Going with your gut based on how the interview has gone so far is probably your best bet. But check out Vault.com’s list of questions, as there are some there that may get you thinking.  As a last note to all of the aspiring comedians out there – “When do I start?” is rarely the appropriate question to ask. Haha! Seriously, if you are looking to land in-house counsel jobs or General Counsel jobs, be prepared!

“Landing an interview, dressing to impress and confidently answering interview questions are only part of the equation of a successful interview. It’s important that candidates show an interest in the law firm or organization and treat the interview like a conversation.”

Read: 21 Questions to Ask During an Interview for a Legal Job at Vault

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  1. Hey Guys,

    This sounds really interesting but is the link to the Vault broken? I can’t seem to find the full article? Cheers, Rhys (@lawinbriefs)

    • It takes a while to load but it does load from what we see – if you try again and leave it in a tab it should come up – took about 25 seconds here.

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