Phone Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Phone Interview Mistakes

Phone interview mistakes are common, and can knock you out of the running for a position at the outset. Read on for phone interview mistakes to avoid, and the importance of being prepared for what is often your first meaningful interaction with a potential employer. And don’t forget about tricky interview questions!

“These days, phone interviews are an unavoidable part of the job interview process, and for good reason: They save everyone involved time and effort. But that doesn’t mean that phoners require zero energy on the part of the candidate. Yes, you should spend more time preparing for an in-person interview, but many companies treat phone screens as the official first round of the hiring process. That means candidates are expected to go into them prepared with as much information about the company, position, and their own skills and strengths as possible. We asked HR pros about their top phone interview pet peeves, and they had no shortage of advice to offer. Apparently, it’s quite easy to mess up your phone interview. But here’s the thing: It’s also not hard to come across well if you keep some key things in mind”

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