Salary Negotiations – 4 Must Dos

Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiations can be stressful, but you need to stay on top of your game to get what you want. Here are some must dos for salary negotiations that can help set up your discussions for success. And do not forget to think about non-salary items that can be just as valuable.

“Countless job seekers and employees still struggle with negotiating salaries and advocating for themselves. But let’s say you’ve worked yourself up to asking for a higher salary. You could still be missing out on perks that can further enhance your compensation package–and they may not be that far out of reach. “The whole salary negotiation process is a conversation,” says Jacqueline Twillie, a negotiation expert and founder of leadership development firm ZeroGap. “It’s not a battle.” With that in mind, here are some negotiation tricks to keep in mind the next time you’re interviewing for a new job or angling for a raise.”

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