How to Leave Your Current Job Without Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning bridges is never a good idea, even in an incredibly hot legal jobs market. While you may be tempted to pen a departing email that echoes an (in)famous one of years past (“may the smoke from the bridges I’ve burned be seen far and wide….”), burning bridges is short-term thinking in a market where the long game matters more and more. Unless, of course, it isn’t.

“How you make your exit will have a large impact on your professional reputation, and you want to get it right. Have a plan and make sure you’re taking the high road regardless of what other people do or say along the way. Here’s what to keep in mind….Interviewing and taking a new position is never easy: it’s a mix of emotions and opportunities. Nobody expects you to get everything right, but handling yourself with poise and having a plan to make the transition smooth for everyone will serve you well now and in the future.”

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