3 Times It’s Worth Burning A Bridge In Your Career

One may recall a certain viral goodbye email from a departing Biglaw attorney that contained “may the smoke from the bridges I’ve burned be seen far and wide….”:

“There is certain career advice that just about everyone seems to take as gospel. Always pay your dues, don’t be too picky about your first job, and keep your options open when you start out. The merits of these types of advice have been questioned, debated, and in some cases–even debunked. But there’s one piece of advice that seems to stick: “Whatever you do, avoid burning bridges!”  But is this still good advice to follow? After all, we live in a time where job-hopping isn’t considered to be too much of a stigma, and where career changes are commonplace. Not to mention, technology has forced many industries to undergo rapid transformations, which means that layoffs and restructuring are also pretty common among companies.”

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