In-House Compensation Report: Top 30 Money-Earners

Who is making the big cash in-house? Read this in-house compensation report to find out:

“By the time A.J. Kess joined Travelers’ Insurance Company as the chief legal officer in December 2016, the year was basically over. Nonetheless, Travelers tallied his total compensation that year as $8.7 million…As Kess’s situation illustrates, corporate legal departments can and do pay top-dollar figures to lure lawyers away from partnerships that pay millions of dollars. Often enough, the lawyers who choose to accept top positions in-house must forgo high salaries and take other forms of compensation — onetime bonuses, rich stock or option grants, generous pension plans, and other perks such as access to a company car or money for expensive real estate, according to a Big Law Business review of proxy statements.”

Read: In-House Compensation Report: Top 30 Money-Earners at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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