Law Students Among Least Hardworking Students

Law Students

Law students have apparently been found (again!) to be among the least hardworking of students in a study from the UK. Obviously, there must be some statistical flaws in the research or geographic issues involved that require intense investigation (litigators, hold your fire). Do law students get time credit for hours spent crying in dark corners or moaning over case law that is assigned for the sole purpose of illustrating that the applicable rule boils down to a “fact-based unequivocal maybe”? This isn’t even getting to the time prospective lawyers spend in pubs contemplating life choices and escape fantasies. Or maybe they are just conserving their energy for one of the highest-pressure careers out there.

“Medicine, dentistry, architecture and even arts students have it harder, research suggests. New figures produced by an independent think tank suggest that law students may not be working as hard as they would have you believe. Number crunchers at the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) have compiled stats on the degree subjects with the highest (and lowest) workloads According to the ‘Student Academic Experience Survey 2019’, which was published earlier this summer, law students manage 28 hours a week — ten contact hours, 15 hours of independent study and three hours on placement.”

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