Lawyering May Not Be The Best Choice For Happiness


Lawyering does not equal happiness, or at least that’s what one author is saying. And he also casts doubt on early retirement and home ownership. Pshaw! Haters gonna hate! Maybe the study did not distinguish between Biglaw life and the idyllic bliss of in-house attorneys who gaze at rainbows and unicorns all day.

“If you want to be happy, being a lawyer may not be the best choice, according to an author who has studied happiness research. Retiring early and buying a home may also be poor choices, according to Alex Palmer, author of Happiness Hacks, who wrote a column for CNBC about some of his most interesting tips. Palmer lists three reasons why some lawyers are unhappy. First, prudence is an important qualification for being a lawyer, but that can lead to increased skepticism and pessimism that are associated with unhappiness….”

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