LinkedIn Study Reveals Places With Highest Salaries

If you are looking for places with the highest salaries, you might also be looking for places with the highest cost of living:

“It’s probably no surprise that where you live and what courses you study in school have an impact on the salary you can expect to make. Sure enough, job networking site LinkedIn, which is now a part of Microsoft, recently conducted a study of more than 2 million members to determine a variety of information about their compensation. The results were just reported, and they reveal the top-10 highest-paying cities in the U.S. Here they are, in order, along with the median total compensation including bonuses and commissions if applicable…LinkedIn’s survey also revealed the 20 highest-paying fields of study in the United States. Here they are, along with median total compensation…”

Read: New LinkedIn Study of More Than 2 Million Members Reveals Places With Highest Salaries at

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