Corporate Counsel Compensation Is Soaring

Corporate Counsel Compensation

Corporate counsel compensation is soaring according to BarkerGilmore’s 2022 In-House Counsel Compensation Report. This is good news for in-house counsel and those seeking in-house counsel jobs, as it means that in-house law departments are boosting pay at the same time as law firms. Can in-house law departments keep up with Biglaw? Unlikely, but for many the benefits of being an in-house lawyer outweigh the loss in compensation. Looking for more corporate counsel compensation data? Don’t forget to check out our In-House Counsel Salaries Guide.

“The median total compensation increased 21% from 2020 for all industries, across all positions. Total compensation from 2020 to 2021 reflects a bounce back, and net increase, of 10% from 2019 levels. Base compensation was up 9%, bonuses were up 37%, and LTI was up 100%. The financial industry realized the greatest total compensation increase at 27%, followed by consumer at 21%, and professional services at 20%….BarkerGilmore conducted an online survey from March to April 2022 to assess in-house counsel compensation trends for 2021. The online survey was administered to a random sample of in-house counsel at various levels of seniority within different sized public and private organizations across the United States.”

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