Determine Your Financial Value as a General Counsel

Pondering in-house counsel salaries? Andrea Bricca of Major, Lindsey & Africa gives her thoughts on how general counsel (and in-house counsel) can determine their financial value:

“”How is the market?” is a question asked frequently of legal search consultants. However, it usually holds an underlying sometimes spoken of, sometimes not, inquiry that really means, “Am I being paid accordingly for the market?” While you may not sit around the dinner table with friends discussing your current pay structure, chances are you have had such discussions with a recruiter, trusted peer or mentor. Combine those conversations with the ever increasing transparency into executive compensation in this age of information and a significant amount of data is available to everyone. However, most of that info is available only for public companies, and as new laws are being enacted that do not allow employers to ask potential candidates about current and past compensation, some of gained transparencies will begin to disappear.”

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