Chelsea Grayson: The Single Mom Who Went From Partner to GC to CEO

Head over to Bloomberg BNA’s Business of Law Blog to learn more about Chelsea Grayson – a single mom who went from partner to GC to CEO of American Apparel:

“The clothing brand American Apparel is practically synonymous with racy marketing: Imagine billboards and full-page spreads of young women in compromising positions wearing a single article of clothing, and shot in polaroid-style. Now imagine that a high-powered M&A lawyer was handed the reigns to be CEO of such a company. Would the lawyer’s proverbial ‘risk-averse’ instincts kick in, or would everything be executed more thoughtfully and carefully? It’s no longer just a thought experiment: In September, onetime general counsel Chelsea Grayson took over as CEO. As GC, Grayson saw the company through its chapter 11 bankruptcy  and helped engineer the debt for stock swap that transformed American Apparel from a public company to private one owned by hedge funds.”

Read: Chelsea Grayson: The Single Mom Who Went From Partner to GC to CEO at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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