Negotiating a Job Offer Like a Champion

In addition to our earlier post specific to negotiating in-house job offers, check out this post on how to negotiate a job offer generally:

“Today I write the first of a two part posting in regards to negotiating a job offer. This week I will provide ten tips for job seekers looking to negotiate like a champion…I have seen first hand how both candidates and employers alike can benefit from the advice and perspective of an honest broker and an outside perspective, regardless of whether a recruiter is engaged or involved in the negotiation process. For job seekers, I hope the following ten tips will assist you in learning how just a few slight changes to your perspective and approach to job offer negotiations can result in dramatically improved outcomes or, at the very least, enhance the possibility of positive outcomes for you. I hope job seekers find my tips helpful.”

Source: Ten Tips: Negotiating a Job Offer Like a Champion – Social-Hire

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