The Revolution that Put Power in the GC’s Hands

Bloomberg BNA reviews Ben Heinemans “The Inside Counsel Revolution” – a book many in-house counsel may put on their Summer reading list- head over to read the full review:

“Near the beginning of his book, Ben Heineman describes the massive bloodletting he implemented at General Electric’s corporate legal department, after arriving in 1987 as general counsel.  Within his first few years, 30 of the 33 lawyers who reported to him, or closely up to him, were gone. In their place, Heineman sought out and hired the most talented lawyers available; in the beginning, this meant recruiting from outside law firms and government. But times have changed since then. Eventually, law firms lost their status as the deepest pools of legal talent, and GCs began recruiting more from other corporate legal departments, and government, he writes.”

Read: The Revolution that Put Power in the GC’s Hands at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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