7 Things That Will Drive Recruiters Away From You

If you are hunting for in-house counsel jobs or General Counsel jobs, you should be working with a good legal recruiter and doing your best not to drive them away. Check our legal recruiter directory to find legal recruiters in your area.

“Job searching is like dating: Each side involved is trying to find the perfect fit. You’re sizing up an employer to see if they’ve got what it takes to make you happy. The employer is evaluating whether you can make their proverbial dreams come true as a productive, successful team member. However, much like dating, there are some behaviors that can be a turnoff. No, we’re not talking about things like mansplaining at the dinner table or endlessly sharing stories about an ex. Instead, we’re talking about ways that you may–knowingly or unknowingly–be deterring recruiters from giving you an interview or even that coveted offer letter. Here are seven ways you may be scaring off recruiters and hiring managers…..”

Read: 7 Things That Will Drive Recruiters Away From You at FastCompany

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