The Compensation Conversation

Melissa A. Peters, Esq., Managing Director at Princeton Legal Search Group, gives insights and tips on the oft-dreaded compensation conversation when interviewing for legal positions:

“When you are interviewing for a new legal position, you will most certainly be questioned at some point about compensation. I completely understand the push-back that lawyers have when they are asked in an interview (and sometimes asked multiple times by various interviewers) to describe in detail their current compensation.  Often lawyers will tell me that they are concerned that providing their compensation details will adversely affect their chances of getting a new job.  This concern can operate in two ways:  (1) if you are currently earning what you feel is an “under-market” salary and you wish to get a sizeable increase, you may believe that sharing your current compensation will undercut your chances at getting that increase; or (2) if you are currently earning more than what the new job pays, which is often the case with law firm attorneys seeking to land their first in-house job, you may be afraid that you will price yourself out.”

Read: The Compensation Conversation at Princeton Legal Search Group

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