Was Law School Worth It?

Was Law School Worth It?

Was law school worth it? Wow, what a question to ponder during these unprecedented times. Normally, many lawyers might respond with “It depends on the day I’m having”. But of course the question is far more complex. With the inexorable rise in tuition and costs at institutions of higher learning, and the pandemic affecting job prospects for even seasoned attorneys, many may be questioning their career choices. Others who have ridden the earlier waves of uncertainty (e.g., the dot-com crash, accounting scandals, 9/11, real estate crashes, 2008 financial crisis, etc.) may have a different opinion that leans toward the “adapt and overcome” mantra. Others may beg to differ.

“There’s no shortage of advice on whether or not anyone should attend law school. In most discussions, the prominent concern is money. Is the cost of law school worth the Juris Doctor? Is the initial debt worth the eventual (and increasingly unlikely) partner payday? But after the money has been spent and the hard-earned J.D. hangs on your wall, the notion of monetary value becomes somewhat irrelevant. After all, it’s not like you can go back to your alma mater and obtain a refund. But let’s say, arguendo, that you could return your law degree and get your money back. With the “Esquire” stripped from your name and a firehose-like infusion of funds into your bank account, would you find yourself back at square one? Without any job prospects or opportunities? Or would you make out like a bandit?”

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