The ‘Think Like a Lawyer’ Approach to Law School is Outdated

Think Like a Lawyer

Think like a lawyer an outdated approach? Perhaps, to many and for good reason. But for others, changes will be painful.

“I have been writing about change within the legal industry for a few years…I believe we need to make substantial adjustments to the U.S. law school education and qualifications in order to better serve our clients. Anyone who has gone to law school knows about the infamous “think like a lawyer” mantra where we are taught to be adversarial. And while that can work for those involved in the small percentage of cases that actually go to trial, I would suggest that in a world where alternative dispute resolution includes negotiated settlements and mediation, we adjust and expand law school training.”

Read: The ‘think like a lawyer’ approach to law school is outdated at ABA Journal – Daily News

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