4 BS Interview Responses Hiring Managers See Through

BS Interview Responses

BS interview responses are, by their very definition, bound to get you off on the wrong foot with a potential legal employer. So no matter how hard you prepare, and how nervous you may get, try to avoid BS interview responses at all costs. Companies want you to work for them, which is why you’ve ended up in the interview chair. So instead of subterfuge and drivel, do your best to make hiring managers love you. While nerve-wracking and sometimes tedious, the interview process is the potential beginning of a new relationship for all involved, so start off by being prepared – and yourself – and you’ll do fine.

“Veteran career coach and hiring manager Amanda Augustine can assure you that interviewers can usually tell when a candidate is saying what they think that person wants to hear, rather than saying something that’s truthful and genuine. When you’re interviewing for a new job, it’s only natural that you want to put your best foot forward. You try to do all the necessary legwork—from researching the company to rehearsing the “perfect” responses—so you can walk into the interview room brimming with confidence. However, your “perfect” interview answers may unwittingly set you up for failure.”

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