How To Be A Responsive Lawyer

Responsive Lawyer

A responsive lawyer is someone all clients want, and whether you are in-house or still toiling in the law firm world, it’s time to revisit your responsiveness game. While some in the legal profession may have seen lost time during pandemic lockdowns, the giant push towards remote legal work (a trend affecting other industries as well) has actually increased the need for responsiveness for many. When working in the office, in-house counsel can be seen and heard directly by their organizational client base, but when working from home the “face time” element is lost to some degree even with periodic Zoom or Teams meetings. To stay front of mind, in-house counsel need to make sure they are seen as a responsive lawyer, and this helps avoid being categorized as “too busy” or worse, that a company issue or mater is not important to them. While upping your game, take care to maintain balance as it is easy (and common) for some lawyers to spend their entire day constantly checking their email and phones which can not only affect a lawyer’s health, but it can also detrimentally impact a lawyer’s ability to focus and get things done.

“Lawyers and professional services providers: Do you want to thrill your clients, customers, prospects, and other contacts (CPs)? If so, either become “ultra-responsive” or at least consider leveling up your responsiveness game and tool kit. The fact is this: In this current hybrid work world, the expectations, platforms, and tools available for and components of responsiveness have changed considerably! Studies show that many CPs now expect, want, and may need to reach a lawyer or other professional instantly, or receive some type of response “right away” — and by right away, CPs mean in less than one hour. Don’t believe me? Ask your clients, including (but not limited to) the general counsel, in-house counsel, C-suite executives, deal makers, referral sources, internal professional staff members, and other professionals you serve and work with.”

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