Resolutions For Lawyers For The New Year

Resolutions For Lawyers

Resolutions for lawyers for the New Year – where to start? This year was certainly one to be added to the record books, and said books should promptly be dropped into an industrial shredder. But years such as these can help build resilience. Making it through and learning lessons can provide valuable perspectives on how one wants to live their life going forward. Resolutions for lawyers may be quite different this year than in years past, and may very well help set you on the path you desire for the balance of your legal career. So, with that said, think through how to grow your career and build a better lawyer along with these other ideas for resolutions at the ABA.

“Many people are grateful that 2020 is coming to an end…Now is the time when people usually think about changes they can make to improve their lives….Rather than list changes we can make to our business approach, food intake or exercise routine—often the top three categories for New Year’s resolutions—here is a list of 10 resolutions that can dramatically increase your resilience, lower your stress and anxiety, and catapult you into 2021.”

Read: 10 New Year’s resolutions lawyers can make for resilience in 2021 at ABA Journal – Daily News

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