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  1. A useful list, but we’ve found that msot RFP’s request information that is never used and is actually of marginal importance. We ran the first reverse auction on the internet for legal services in the late 1990’s — but found that using these for every matter actually is harmful to relationships. As such, we use a selection process only when we are interested in new firm for our panel for matters we’ve not handled before or if we are dissatisfied with the current panel. Over the past several years, we’ve developed a 4 step “non-RFP process” when we are interested in engageing a new firm. The selection process is linear and the population of firms under consideration in reduced from step to step.
    1. A two page application. The first page requests basic information and responses to a a series of yes/no questions that focus on cultural fit. Included in the questions are acceptance of our Covenant with Counsel as the basis for the retainer and our ACES value and performance focused fee arrangement. The second page asks a simple question to be answered on that page only without attachments or website links: “What makes your firm different?”
    2. A one page Excel spreadsheet with our historical data for matters of the relevant type (no. of matters, cyclee time, budget, actual costs) and a request for the firm’s data and economic proposal
    3. A tweet telling us why we should have a face to face meeting — if you can’t it can’t tell us in 140 words or less, there isn’t going to be a good fit
    4. A two hour in-person “wow not woo” meeting

    We’re happy to share our questionnaires – just email or call me.

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