Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals

Many in-house counsel fear giving presentations. Fortunately, two experts have created a series of podcasts that provide presentation tips for legal professionals:

I’ve done a number of presentations lately in all sorts of formats – solo, duo, panels and webcasts. For the Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network, Tom and I decided to record an episode in which we shared some of our latest tips and observations about presenting. The result was the episode called “Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals.”

After that podcast, we realized that we had barely tapped the surface of what we wanted to say on presentations, so I was able to talk Tom into recording two more episodes on presenting as part of a panel and presenting on webinars – “Panel Presentation Pointers for Legal Professionals” and “Webinar Presentation Pointers for Legal Professionals.”

As a result, we now have a three-part series with our latest thinking and tips about presenting. On the podcasts, we also talk about Heartbleed, the presenter mode in PowerPoint and the “right to be forgotten.”

Read: DennisKennedy.Blog » Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals: A Podcast Series.

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