NYTimes: Legal Profession a Brutal Environment

The Amazon workplace article at the New York Times has spawned articles on other professions – including life as a Biglaw lawyer.  If one thing is for certain, people are much more worried about their Amazon Prime packages getting to them on time then how lawyers are handling the strains of their jobs.

“The legal profession, one of the most brutal when it comes to pace and time commitment, illuminates the economic logic of a system where a large initial cohort of workers is gradually culled until only a small fraction are left…at the end of which only the most brilliant and productive — historically about one in 10 or 15 — became partners.  Those who did not make partner got first-rate legal training along the way, though, and were almost always able to land respectable jobs at lesser firms or as in-house corporate lawyers.”

Read: Work Policies may be Kinder, But Brutal Competition Isn’t at the New York Times

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