Academic sees corporate law as one of the BS jobs

Many in-house counsel might say that some of the things they do during the week are “bs jobs” but would they say that about their corporate law career in general? Are corporate lawyers basically “salaried paper-pushers” in “bullshit jobs”?

But after a few unsuccessful albums, the friend decided to go to law school. “Now he’s a corporate lawyer working in a prominent New York firm,” Graeber wrote in an essay last year forStrike Magazine. “He was the first to admit that his job was utterly meaningless, contributed nothing to the world, and, in his own estimation, should not really exist.” Graeber, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics, distinguishes between jobs that involve “actually making, moving, fixing and maintaining things” and those that employ “salaried paper-pushers.” The latter category of “bullshit jobs” includes corporate law and financial services, he says.

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