GE Creates ‘Yelp for Lawyers’ to Assess Outside Law Firms

General Electric creates technology for others – and also for itself.  Its new tool, dubbed a ‘Yelp for Lawyers’ aims to be an information gathering and reporting tool that will make the outside counsel selection process more efficient and effective:

“General Electric has developed what it’s calling a Yelp for lawyersAn internal website is now available to its approximately 800 in-house lawyers, through which they can search “preferred providers” of outside counsel and learn about their track record with the company. Titled GE Select Connect, more than 200 of the company’s outside law firms maintain profiles (à la Facebook) that feature firm information, including feedback the outside firms have received from GE lawyers, the firm’s diversity staffing levels, hourly rates, along and discounts the company has previously achieved.”

Read: GE Creates ‘Yelp for Lawyers’ to Assess Outside Law Firms at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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