The Productization of Legal Services

Dennis Kennedy, in-house counsel, legal tech author and podcaster, has written another thought-provoking piece that should get all lawyers thinking about how legal services can be “productized”. While private practice attorneys and professional services firms may seem like logical choices to adopt this concept, what about in-house legal departments? Certainly many services could be productized and deployed internally – and forward-thinking law departments are already doing so to achieve efficiencies and to form a tighter bond with business units.

“Lawyers tend to be unwilling to look to other professions or industries to find ways to improve their practices and work. We might call this approach ‘law practice exceptionalism,’ the belief that nearly every aspect of the practice of law is unique and must be considered in isolation from what we see elsewhere. We all have heard or said, ‘But law is different. Really.’ As a result, lawyers have been reluctant to adopt approaches that have proven successful in other industries—project management techniques, business process strategies and much more. However, the inflexibility goes much further than that.”

Read: The Productization of Legal Services | Law Practice Division.

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