Explaining Legal Resume Peculiarities

Unemployment gaps, weird job moves, short stints and other peculiarities must be addressed – or your in-house job application could end up in the wastebasket. Fortunately, The Lawyer Whisperer has some sage advice to help you explain legal resume peculiarities:

“A good resume tells a story: Your story. And that story must be cohesive, succinct and informative – leaving very little, if anything to call into question. While not every minute event should be detailed, it is vital to assess and include the most important sound bites…Because one key omission or ad nauseam diatribe and your candidacy is DOA. Omitting important information on resumes is perhaps the most common mistake made by legal professionals today. A few typical exclusions include explanations for: long employment gaps, short moves, weird moves, non-legal moves, low salary, no promotions, industry switches, education issues to name a few…So plugging these holes with information that you control is the best move if you want to secure the next step forward.”

Read: How do I explain long unemployment gaps, weird job moves, short stints etc. on my resume without sounding bad? at The Lawyer Whisperer

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