Career Advice from Successful GCs

Successful GCs

In-house but looking upwards at the GC spot? The path is different for everyone – and fortunately advice is plentiful from successful GCs.  If you are striving for General Counsel jobs, it is important to read up on what has worked for others:

“The role of general counsel is a coveted position for which many lawyers strive. But the path to the GC seat varies greatly. While some highly successful general counsel cut their teeth in big law firms, others landed junior level in-house positions straight out of law school—and there are many other paths as well. While there is no clear, defined career path to follow that will ensure lawyers with their sights on the top legal seat of a big company lands it, there are steps they can take and skill sets they can gain that will set them up for success. Each year, we interview successful senior in-house counsel about their lives and careers, and we ask them what advice they would give a young lawyer who would like to become a GC someday…Here’s a roundup of the suggestions our 2017 GC profile participants had for aspiring senior in-house counsel:”

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