From Law Firm Associate to General Counsel

Law Firm Associate

Many a law firm associate desires to not only move in-house but eventually be in contention for general counsel jobs. Getting there takes short-term and long-term strategy and career moves, and even then, landing a general counsel job can be elusive. The Lawyer Whisperer has some thoughts on short term options that a law firm associate should consider. Law firm partners have an entirely different analysis.

“Many of today’s law firm associates aspire for the top spot of General Counsel. But reaching this goal is far from easy. It takes hard work, perseverance, a strategy and…luck. Without these elements, the road to the summit will be a tough climb. So the sooner you start, the better. 
As an associate in a large law firm, your short-term…and best options will depend on a few factors including: your current practice area, the cache of your firm and your compensation expectations…
Equally important to these is a strategy…and approach with a long-term view. ”

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