How To Stay Positive At Work When You Hate Your Job

Hate Your Job

Biglaw lawyers may not be able to imagine it, but some in-house lawyers do not like the promised land.  So for all those looking for new in-house counsel jobs or General Counsel jobs, here is how to stay positive when you hate your job:

“Your alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze, over, and over, again. You can’t bare the thought of going into work today (or any day) because you hate your job…and you don’t know what to do about it. Dreading going into work each today is a terribly unhealthy feeling. You spend more time on the job than you do anywhere else, so it shouldn’t be a place of loathing. If you feel that it is, then it’s time to do something about it…A negative attitude at work can impact not only your performance, but your health as well…Try some of these tactics instead, so you can stay a bit more positive at work…even when you hate it.”

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