Handling Mistakes As A Young Lawyer

handling mistakes

Handling mistakes as a young lawyer is a key skill to learn, and one that will pay dividends throughout your career. No one is infallible, and if handled properly, mistakes can often be dealt with in a way that increases your credibility. Quick action is often needed, so do not delay in taking action to mitigate the error. If you do not, the problem is often compounded and you might end up with a “Mistakes Were Made” poster in your office in a best case scenario. And don’t think that proper handling of mistakes is limited to the work you do – it also applies to your legal career. Indeed, there are many mistakes you can make in your job search, on your resume, and during job interviews. And you’re never too old to learn how to handle mistakes more effectively, no matter how seasoned a lawyer you are. So read this recent article from Attorney at Work to brush up on your skills:

“Almost everything is fixable — if you catch it early enough. The key to preventing unrecoverable errors is accepting your mistakes and disclosing them in time. Our profession is not an easy one. From day one, perfection is impressed upon us as the bar. As young lawyers, we are taught to be careful, precise and thorough. As we continue to practice, add efficient. No one talks about what to do if you make a mistake. This is especially foolish because it is inevitable that, as young lawyers, we will make mistakes…By taking responsibility and responding with integrity and a growth mindset, you will not only learn but also build a brand of integrity and credibility.”

Source: How to Handle a Mistake as a Young Lawyer – Attorney at Work