How To Land Big Wins In Your Career And Life

Big Wins

Striving for big wins in your career and personal life? Look for examples of those who are landing them and how they do it. Set yourself on a long-term trajectory for career and personal success and satisfaction, while living your best life now and having no regrets.

“Golden State Warriors player Andre Iguodala has always excelled under pressure. Back when he was a teenager in 2001, Iguodala’s AAU National Championship semifinal game was coming down to the wire. He was one of the best players on the team, and his opponents were guarding him aggressively. Suddenly, with two seconds left on the clock, a teammate passed him the ball. He was far from the net, just across half court. There was no time to dribble, no time to think. Iguodala turned, shot–and scored. These kind of clutch shots are common in the business world, too. Whether you’re recruiting a top executive, trying to raise a round from top venture capitalists, or pitching a massive customer, one big win can change the trajectory of your career or business.”

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